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Women in Agile Europe - Join us - ONLINE - Nov, 23rd, 2020

Women in Agile Europe is a stage for diversity. Last year we've met for a conference in Amsterdam, next year we hopefully will meet in Berlin. This year's edition of the conference will take place in Zoomland. Come and join us: https://womeninagile.eu/

How would I feel if someone did/said this to me?

The agile community seems to be more inclusive and open than other industries. But looking for example at the percentage of women in the IT business it is not attractive enough for women.

There might be practical difficulties like integrating the duties for raising children or caring for relatives. But there are traits of daily sexism and exclusion. Some might be open and with intention, some might be hidden, with no direct intention.

A colleague told me, that some men of her team put a poster with a pin-up girl in the team room. After asking them to remove it, they just put a black stripe over some parts of the picture.

I am not aware of the disrepectfulness of my own words and behaviors to other people. Some funny jokes might not be as funny. So we need to talk, I need to listen.

It's not a discussion about acceptable or unacceptable behavior. It is a discussion about how we can promote psychological safety for all people working there. A safe working environement for women is also a safe environment for men. That's why I care about it. I hope a lot of men will buy a ticket for the conference as well.

Women in Agile is a conference for everyone, including men. But the stage is reserved for women only.

Please, people, have a look on the WiA EU website. We have some great keynote speakers and already a impressive list of workshops. Please share the web site on social media. We like to sell more tickets. We are happy that 99 Facets supports our conference as a title sponsor.

Come and join us: https://womeninagile.eu/.


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